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Bah humbug

I really don't like Christmas anymore. I used to love Christmas, like any middle-class kid who gets showered with presents. Now that I'm older, I've grown to despise the whole idea of it. The rampant commercialism. "Buy presents and Jesus will love you."

I don't like it, so I just refuse to participate. There was a Secret Santa thing at work. I didn't do it. I did buy my dad a vacuum cleaner he wanted, but I made sure to let him know I didn't want anything in return. I guess I feel indebted to him, since he's spent more on me in his life than I could ever spend on him. I haven't even bought my girlfriend anything, and I may not. Maybe I will. I'll be visiting her in Sweden next month, so I guess I should bring her something. But she already knows my views on Christmas, so she's probably not expecting anything anyway. I hope she didn't get ME anything.

Christmas is supposed to be about family, but it's really not. Thanksgiving is about family. That's when you sit around, eat good food, and socialize. WITHOUT the pressure to buy them shit.

I had to work tonight, so I missed the Christmas party with my dad's family. I'm glad.
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