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Week One

My transition to life in Korea certainly hasn't been as smooth as it was in Sweden, that's for damn sure.

I stayed the night at a hotel near the airport. The next day, I was driven to the high school I'll be working for the next year. I dressed up in a suit, and though I was nervous and jet lagged, I think I made a decent first impression. I was then driven to my apartment, which is pretty damn nice. 12th floor, with a balcony, and one hell of a view. A curious thing about my view is that I can see FOUR churches from my apartment. All within 3 blocks of each other. Overboard? Later in the evening, one of my co-teachers picked me up and took me to a supermarket/mall and helped me get some shit I needed.

All of that seems fine.

However, at the school, I was in the teacher's office, talking to the other English teachers, when one of them mentions I was going to start THE NEXT DAY. "Uhhh... really?" Talk about short notice! I thought I'd at least have the weekend to prepare. Thankfully, next week is midterm week, so that buys me some time.

This morning, I woke up to take a shower. No hot water. Therefore, no shower.

For the first two lessons of the day, I was the co-teacher, the assistant. This was helpful as it let me get comfortable standing in front of the classroom, the only foreigner on campus, eyes staring at me. The third, and final class of the day was my show. With less than 24 hours notice, and no internet at home, I slapped together an introduction and a lesson plan. It failed. It bombed. I improvised with another activity, two truths and a lie, and that worked fairly well. Not great, but OK. The class only really picked up when I invited the students to ask questions about me. They were curious as hell, cracked jokes, laughs all around. I also got to know a little about them. The lesson got off to a horrid start, but by the end the students seemed to be having fun and liked me. *whew*

I have no more classes today, thank goodness. So now I'm in the teacher's office killing time until school ends.

I've never been called handsome so much in my life. Females and males both. I thought that would be pretty cool, but it's almost TOO much. Plus, most of these people giving me accolades are high school kids, which is weird. Everyone seems shocked to hear I have a girlfriend, and I think it broke the heart of one of my co-teachers. Ah well.

It just so happens that another Californian, who I studied with in Sweden, is teaching English in Korea right now, two cities away from where I live. I don't even have a cell phone yet, but I'm hoping I can get in touch with her soon. I need teaching ideas and people to hang out with. I still don't really know anyone.

The internet guy is supposed to come to my apartment tonight and get the internet working for me. I'd be a sad panda without internet at home all weekend.
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